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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Nominees Diaz and Wynn continue to wait

Kirsten E. Small

I was excited to see a hopeful line of text pop up in my Google Alert this morning: "[Senator] Kay Hagan says North Carolina judges Albert Diaz and James Wynn are on the next tier of judicial nominees who could come up for a full vote in the Senate." Unfortunately, the article as a whole is not so hopeful; you can read it here (scroll down to the bottom).

The essence of the piece is that Diaz and Wynn are still stuck in a "political logjam," with no estimated date of escape.

One could argue that, for the moment at least, there is no particular urgency to confirming Diaz and Wynn. The Fourth Circuit has completed its last sitting for the current term and will not again convene in Richmond until September. On the other hand, I imagine that Judges Wynn and Diaz would far prefer to get settled in their Fourth Circuit digs while activity at the court is relatively light, rather than during the rush of new business that precedes the September sitting.

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