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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Exciting times in the Fourth Circuit

by Kirsten E. Small

Two items of note in my inbox this morning:

(1) South Carolina district court judge Henry F. Floyd has been nominated to the Fourth Circuit. Press release here. Once Judge Floyd is confirmed, the Fourth Circuit will have a full complement of judges, with all 15 of the available seats filled.

(2) The Fourth Circuit has granted expedited hearing in Virginia's challenge to the "minimum coverage" provision health care reform law (a/k/a the "individual mandate"). Argument will be during the court's May 2011 session, which runs from May 10-13. The panel (which is unknown and will not be announced until the morning of argument) will hear two cases back-to-back: Virginia v. Sebelius (No. 11-1057, Virginia's challenge to the minimm coverage requirement), and Liberty University v. Geithner (No. 10-2347, challenging both the employer mandate and the individual mandate).

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